Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Autumn is completely obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse.



And somehow I feel like I am enabling her!

We keep ten recorded episodes of Mickey Mouse at all times.  First thing in the morning we are watching her show.  

Lately, Autumn's obsession has spun out of control.  When we wanted to watch something else chaos ensued.

She would throw herself on the floor.
She would hit.
She would spit.
She would scream.

I mean, it was ugly!

So we began to limit her tv time.  She has a limited number of episodes she can watch.  We have to tell her when it is the last one, but the storm after is short lived.

I wish I could tell you that is where the obsession stops.

Sadly, no.

We now have seven Minnie dolls, one Mickey doll, three Mickey books, and a load of Minnie panties.

When we eat, at least one Minnie eats with us.  When we travel we take two...(you know, just in case something happens to one of them).

We set them up neatly before therapy so they can "watch."  

This morning Autumn hurt her finger.  I tried to put a Mickey band aid on, but she refused.  However, her Minnie doll is now sporting a Mickey band aid.

The Minnie panties have come in handy.  She is now sporting big girl panties all day long with minimal accidents.  

In fact, we had one (only one) today!!!

I personally think her obsession is cute and age appropriate.  I don't tend to make a big deal about it.

However, I had the strangest nightmare last night that she rolled across stage to receive her diploma with all eight dolls in hand!

Do you kids have any strange/super cute obsessions?

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  1. Oh, my yes...we are obsessed with TV, too. I have to definitely limit the girls' watching time...or they would sit there all day! They are so in love with Disney that they can both sing almost every word to the soundtracks of Tangled, Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast! I hope Matthew is feeling better today!