Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Countdown

The countdown has began.

In a few short...very very short weeks, my sweet boy will start school.


Getting ready for his evaluation at the school!
I have always been an overprotective mom.
Those that know me are snickering now.  That may have been a bit of an understatement.

But now I am preparing to send my guy out into the big world.

Luckily, for my sanity, our Josie is accompanying him.  That sets my heart at ease. 

And yet, as soon as I think about him being at school my heart starts beating fast.  My pulse begins to race.  I break out in a sweat.

Ladies and gentlemen:  It is not pretty.

So, I took control of what I could.

And so began the process of Matthew's School Book.

It started as an idea to have all of his information at the school's fingertips.  Being in a tiny school district, there have not been many children as "involved" as Matthew.  I wanted to ensure they had all the information regrading his care.

So I began searching online.  I downloaded files from here.

I filled out forms.

I obsessed over the placement of said forms.  I obsessed over the appropriate tabs to have in the book. 

This process started in December, and I am happy to report it is done.


I wanted to make sure it was cute as well as functional. 

How could you resist a sweet face on the cover of a notebook?

This is how we organized it:

I started with a mess of forms, notebooks, tabs, and just pure chaos !

The I began printing forms, making my own forms, writing down any important information I could think of, and gathering said chaos into one big pile!

The tabs I included are:

  • All About Me
  • Medical
  • Diagnoses
  • Schedule & Appointments
  • Nutrition
  • Personal
  • Emergency Information
  • School Information
  • Misc

The "All About Me" tab includes Matthew's general information.  I included the things he likes, the things he doesn't like, how to calm him down when necessary, etc.

The "Medical" tab includes:
  •  an appointment log for doctor's appointments
  •  a seizure log to document incidents at the school
  •  medication log to be used for medications given at school that are not a part of the daily regimen
  • medication list
  • medication routine
  • hospital information
  • doctor directory
  • shot records
  • and a seizure plan

 The "Diagnoses" tab simply lists his current diagnoses.

The "Schedule" tab includes a daily activity schedule as well as a monthly calendar.

The "Nutrition" tab includes information on how/when Matthew eats.

The "Personal" tab includes:

  • transportation information
  • home health information
  • pharmacy information
  • and previous/current therapy information

The "Emergency" tab includes:

  • an emergency contact list
  • an emergency checklist
  • another copy of the seizure plan

The "School" tab includes:

  • important school contacts
  • school schedule
  • health log for anything sickness, rash, etc that begins while at school
  • a signed "consent to care"
  • and a signed "consent to pick-up"

In the "Misc" tab, the only information included pertains to his adaptive equipment.  I'm sure this tab while fill up more as the school year progresses.

Sadly, I realize this is way more information than they are requiring.  However, I feel like I have left no stone unturned when it pertains to the care of my child.

I know he will do so well and have so much fun in school.

I know this will benefit him in so many ways

Did I mention, I am so scared terrified anxious worried about my little superhero not being home with his mommy all day long?

At any rate, Matthew will be the most handsome and well prepared guy there!

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