Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Skinny on the Not-So-Skinny

I am extremely embarrassed to write this post.

It pains me to open up about an aspect of my life I often keep hidden.

I pride myself on being open and honest with this blog.
Being the parent to children with special needs is a privilege.
I love my life.


I hate my waist line.

That's right folks.

The time has come to get the skinny on...well all things not skinny.

Today's post is brought to you by my ever-growing pant size.

I have been blissfully married for almost nine years.  In that nine years I learned to cook.  While I learned to cook I learned I love food.

All Food

And there's more:

I run around from dawn until dusk.  I clean.  I change diapers.  I run errands.  I go to doctor's appointments.

I do not work out!

Until now!!

I saw my reflection in the mirror this week.  It was eye opening.  I know I am overweight.  I know I need to make better choices.  I know I live a sedentary life style.

But this was bad.

It was as if I was seeing myself for the first time.

What had I done to my body?

And now is the time to stop.

I bought a gym membership a month ago.  Immediately following that purchase, my dad went into the hospital.  Then Matthew got sick.  Then he spent a week in the hospital.  And there was just no time.

But that's just it!!  There is always time!  

So the excuses are done!  The bad choices are changing.

I'm taking back control of my life!

I want to be around a very long time for my children.  I want to complete a 5K.  I want to complete a half marathon.  I want to love the person looking back at me in the mirror.

So here goes blogger friends:

The truth is I weigh 215 pounds!


And I'm cringing as I type knowing soon people will read this.

Disclaimer, I do not want to be skinny.  I enjoy my curves.  I enjoy being comfortable in my own skin.  I want to lose around 65 pounds. 

And it starts now!!!

So tune in to see me reach my goals!  

That's right ~~ It ain't pretty!

Oh yeah, and pray I can "just say no" to all the chocolate!!!

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  1. You can do this!! I have also found works to track food and exercise, you exercise more, you get to eat more! It has really helped me set goals and watch weight come off after babies.

    You can do this (again!) and I will be looking forward to you reporting back with lifestyle changes and more pictures. Good job, you have taken the first step!