Monday, March 12, 2012

Springing Forward

Happy Monday fellow bloggers!

I am happy to report that our sweet Matthew seems to be feeling much better.
Although, we found the culprit to his extreme uncomfortability through a bad mommy moment.

Saturday morning started like any other: a large amounts of meds.  This time, however, I forgot to give Matthew a new med.


It was prescribed last Monday by his GI doctor due to the fact that she thought Matthew was vomiting blood because of a tear.  Since beginning the medication, Matthew has screamed, SCREAMED, almost non-stop all day long!

Saturday morning, in a rush, I forgot to give him the new medication.  And suddenly the screaming stopped. 

I watched and waited.  Saturday afternoon brought big smiles from my little man. 

I waited a little longer.

By the time he was due for his evening dose, we made the decision to hold off.

And wouldn't you know?  Matthew even made it all the way through church with minimal fussing!!

On Thursday we traveled to see our pediatrician once again. 

Thank goodness for amazing doctors

Matthew's GGT levels have started to come down!

Praising God once again!

So we are officially living in a state of "wait and see."

This time, however, I think we are doing well.

I'm hoping this spring like weather is giving our house a renewed spirit.

And now that the fog of sickness is trying to clear, we are gearing up for Matthew to start school! 

In thirty days!


Oh my goodness, I don't recall him growing up so fast.

This past week we traveled to the school for Matthew to be evaluated by the therapists that will be seeing him in the school setting.

In the middle of his extreme screaming fits, Matthew was a perfect gentleman for the therapists.  He showed off!!  He worked really hard, and he impressed even his biggest fans:

Mommy & Josie

So here is praying for a smoother week.

We hope your week is smooth and spring-filled as well!

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