Thursday, April 12, 2012


There are few moments that when traveling this "special" journey that make my heart hurt.

Generally they are tiny things.  Situations other parents some times take for granted.

They are daily activities that are almost guaranteed in a different life.

My first heart break came when Matthew wasn't able to swing at the playground.

It was at the beginning of our journey, and I didn't understand why the world was not accommodating.

Luckily, we were blessed by our ECI team with a "hammock" swing.

And Matthew played in his swing in our living room for hours.

Then, last summer, we were blessed again with an opportunity to go to Morgan's Wonderland.

Matthew was able to swing again.  Twice even!

And my heart was full.

Recently, Autumn learned about bicycles.  She has asked repeatedly for one when we are out shopping.

She begs.  She pleads.

I can do nothing.

Our average shopping centers don't accommodate for Autumn's needs when it comes to most leisure activities.

Again, my heart broke.

And once again we were blessed.

We are currently the "loaner" owners of a very stylish tricycle.

Last week Autumn received it, and within that first day she already had it mastered.

We even had to unlock it so she could turn it herself.

After the first day, we bought a helmet.

Hello Kitty, of course, in honor of our sweet friend Emily.

Once again my heart was full.  I was overjoyed and overwhelmed by the love we receive from those around us.

I am so proud to watch my daughter enjoy her very own bike ride.


  1. So fun for both those kids! New adventures for all!

  2. How did you get that bike? I'm wondering because I'm hoping to get one for my daughter!

  3. Our local Early Childhood Intervention loaned us one for now. I am hoping we can get one from Scottish Rite.

  4. Do you have a local ambucs group? Ours donated a bike for our little one, it is different from Autumn's, so not sure if they only do the amtryke or not?