Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Making...Progress?

This week is Infertility Awareness Week.

This week recognizes those of us who struggle to conceive.
This week recognizes those who have struggled in the past.
This week recognizes those miracles some of us hold in our hearts and in our arms.

And this week we were supposed to be able to conceive, granted we ovulated.

Which we did not.

That has always been the problem

What is to blame?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCOS is a common hormonal disorder in women that is characterized by numerous cysts on the ovaries.

In other words, my ovaries are apparently very mad at me.  They light up like the fourth of July on a sonogram, and they do not want to be messed with.

PCOS is painful, physically.

Emotionally we are a rollercoaster!

We are trying everything that is in our power.

We have started taking multiple vitamins.  We are drinking more water and much less caffeine.

We are eating fertility boosting foods.

And yet, my body continues to say no.

We are spending a lot of time in prayer preparing our hearts for God's will.

What's the next step?

Medical intervention.

We will start that process in May.  First we will have check ups.  Then we will start a six month round of Clomid.

All the while, preparing for God's will.

We are blessed beyond belief to be parents to our two babies.  We know God has more children in store for us.

We are prepared for the fact that those children may join our family by adoption.

And we will praise God every step of the way.

Infertility is mean.  It doesn't discriminate.  It can ruin friendships, relationships, lives.
Infertility can leave a woman feeling less than a woman.
Infertility can ruin a great day.

But, at the end of the day, what we must remember is that infertility can not beat us!

If you have never struggled to conceive, please don't feel guilty.
Infertility affects one in six couples.
Chances are you know someone who is facing this very disease.
Hug them.  Join in their journey.  Encourage them.

If you are struggling to conceive, don't lose hope.
God has a plan for our lives.
He wants us to prosper and receive the desires of our hearts.
Keep trying.  Keep praying.

If you once struggled to conceive and come out of the other side, congratulations.
Its a long road.  I'm sure the most you traveled alone.
We are grateful for your survivor stories.

Happy Infertility Awareness Week my fellow friends

Let's kick infertility in the rear!

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