Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I had a funny post to write today.

It was full of sarcasm and wit.

It was short and simple allowing me to continue on with the busyness that lies waiting for me.

Yet, somehow those words aren't coming to me.

Instead I sit here typing, wiping away my tears.

Being a parent to a child with medical issues causes the colors of the world to shift.  Sometimes you see the sky as pink or green.  Sometimes the birds "meow" instead of chirp.  Things are not black and white.  In fact, the majority of life becomes a rare shade of grey.

Being a parent to a child with medical issues forces parents to understand the five stages of grief much sooner and much differently than normal.

Being a parent to a child with medical issues, sometimes means you have to say goodbye to your children much sooner than you wanted.

And sometimes you witness your friends do this and your heart breaks.

Through our journey we have met many inspirational people.  People we have come to love.  People we have come to cherish.  People we can't imagine not "doing life" with.

And this week we said goodbye to one of our own, while Heaven opened its arms and welcomed a sweet spirit into the gates.

The Evans family said goodbye to Emily on Tuesday evening.  She was too young, too beautiful, too inspiring.  And now she is no longer hurting.  She is finished fighting her fight.

Though her family grieves.

Please keep this beautiful family in your thoughts in prayers in the next coming weeks.

Please tell the ones you love just how much you love them.

Please don't take any day for granted, for we never truly learn when the Lord will call us home.  

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  1. beautiful post, fly to Jesus sweet Emily. We are praying for Sara and her family.