Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Matthew Turns Three

Three years ago today, in a hospital room not far from here, our son was being born.

Three years ago today, Matthew's birthmother was making the hardest decision she would ever have to make.

Three years ago today, we had no idea our son was born.

Yet today, this day brings celebration.  
Our big rockstar is three today!


And while he was a mere dream to us, the day he was born, we are forever grateful for his dear birthmother's couragious choice.

At three years old, Matthew is anything but typical.  He is also anything but ordinary.  

At three years old, Matthew loves to chew on his hands.

He enjoys rocking out to music.

He still laughs when his sister cries.

He may not sit, or stand, or walk, but he is truly our miracle.

He is determined and strong.

He has opinions and a seriously cute personality.

Special needs do not define him.  He encompasses the word "SPECIAL."

On this day we celebrate three beautiful years of his beautiful life.  

And it just so happens this is also his first day of school!

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Boy!

Thank you for blessing us each and every day!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Matthew!!!! Lots of hugs and love from Wyoming! (And I hope the first day of school went well... we kept Noah home for another year and are having his therapies at home because he just gets sick way too easily). Hugs!

  2. Happy Birthday Matthew, hope your day was perfect. Big hugs