Thursday, April 19, 2012

Planting Flowers

I can't even believe Matthew has been in school for a week!

He is loving it!

So far he has acquired on entourage.  A group of kids politely follow him around on the playground all the while asking if they can push him.  They talk about his hair, his shoes, and his awesome smiling skills.

I am loving that he is loving it!

I must admit, though, I am a teeny bit sad.

You see, around 11:00 AM, just an hour before he heads to school, Matthew starts to cry.

Mommy-mode kicks in.

Maybe his tummy hurts.

Maybe its his ears.

He didn't sleep well last night, maybe he needs a nap.

And I remind Josie that if he doesn't feel well just to bring him back home.

Only she doesn't.

Would you like to know why?

Because around 11:00 AM, just an hour before he heads to school, Matthew starts getting excited about school!  The crying immediately stops once he arrives at school.  Each and every day he has so much fun once he gets there, that we witness this smile!

Come on now.  Isn't that the biggest grin you've ever seen?

My heart aches a little, though.  I wasn't aware that my big guy going to school would suddenly make me feel slightly less important.  If your children have ever headed off to school you know the feeling.

Its a tiny uncontrollable twinge of guilt knowing your child is having so much fun and learning so many new skills.  I want him to want to go to school.  I want him to have fun.  I want him to learn new skills.  I want him to acquire an entourage.  I love that he is doing so well!  

 I just thought that Matthew would need time to adjust, that Autumn would need time to adjust.  I didn't factor in that I would, indeed. need time to adjust.

However, last Friday when I relieved pictures of Matthew planting his very own flowers, nothing but pure bliss filled my soul.

My little guy planted flowers.  My little guy tasted the soil.

His teacher even emailed me the pictures and commented on how sweet he is.

All in all, I am unbelievably happy to report that Matthew has already made an impression.

Although, I really didn't expect anything different!


  1. way to go Matthew glad you are having so much fun at school.

  2. woo hoo. calie recognized his picture as i was reading ur blog. and said. hey mom thats matthew i get to play with him at school