Wednesday, April 11, 2012

School Days

Matthew's first day of school went wonderfully.

He started celebrating his birthday around 2:00 AM, so I was unsure how the day would go.

To my surprise, after a tiny morning nap, he was all smiles for the big day!

I had sat his things out the night before.

Cute outfit~~Done
Feeding bag~~Done

Mommy's nerves~~Sky high!

At lunch we traveled the few blocks to the school.

We took our time getting him in his chair.  We strolled up to the door.

This mommy was not in a hurry for her little guy to get so big.

But we were greeted with all smiles.

I was instantly put at ease.

I felt as if I was leaving my SuperHero in super hands.

Of course, Josie was there with him.  I know she has only the best in mind for Matthew.

As Autumn and I were getting in the car to head home, Autumn started crying.

Her lips pouted.  She whined.

And her response to my questioning her was "Bubba, Josie, bye-bye."

She cried all the way home.

I wasn't aware the impact Matthew going to school was going to have on her.

The three hours we waited to pick him up from school flew by.

We showed up to check on him a few minutes early and found him playing.

 He came home with a birthday card from a classmate and lots of stories about all the fun things he did today.

Then he slept for two hours!

School must have really wiped him out!

All in all, I think Matthew is going to rule the school!

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  1. School, wow! A big step for all!
    I sobbed like crazy for Brayden's first day of school...of course Brayden did great. I cried so much I gave myself a headache and I was the one who needed a nap. It is hard to pass them onto someone else's care.