Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Have you heard about this story?

What about this one?

Or even this one?

What is happening in our schools?

And these are relatively recent reports.

This isn't about being a parent to a student with medical needs.  This is about being a parent!

We MUST do something.

We MUST advocate for our children and their well being.

School is supposed to be a safe place.  It is intended to be a place of learning, a place to play, a place to interact.

Now, for many parents, it is the place of nightmares.

Even in a small town theses things can happen.  They do happen.  They just do not get brought to the public's attention.

And as a parent to a child in school and a child six months away from entering school, I am terrified.

So what can we do to stop the abuse?

Take Action!

First and foremost, be an involved parent.

Now, I am not saying these parents weren't involved.  In fact, I believe they were very involved.  That is why we know their stories.  That is why we can stand up with them.  I believe these parents are trailblazers in a movement of inclusion and equality of treatment in schools.

 How do we stay involved?

Volunteer.  Be at the school, with your child, when you can.  Educate yourself on their day.  Talk with your children.  And above all else, listen. 

Secondly, stand up and speak out.

If you think there is something a wry with your child's care at school, then ask.  Ask for answers.  Demand a meeting.  Get to the bottom of what is happening.  Some of these parents fought for six months to get answers.  Some of them had to wire their children.  Some of them did things that were uncomfortable and out of the ordinary to ensure their children were been treated with respect.

Last, know your rights!

Wrights Law has an abundance of information regarding children with special needs.

Safe Child also has great resources regarding education and bullying.

And there are many more...

Please don't forget to praise those individuals that stand up for you in your absence.  Maybe your child has a tracker.  Maybe your child's teacher is a front runner paving the way against bullying.  Praise them.  Thank them.  Get involved with them.

We Must Stand Together!

Okay, that was a little intense.  How about a Ryan Gosling comic to make you smile before you hit the road running on your way to advocate for your child?

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